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Member Benefit Highlight: eCornell Courses

If you've been in this industry for any amount of time, that's likely in no small part due to being the type of person who's looking to learn and grow. In middle school, that might have gotten you dubbed a nerd, but here in the adult world, we call those types of people lifelong learners, and they have a tendency to lead very satisfying lives and makes lots of money.

So for all your lifelong learners out there, you're really going to love this AAF member benefit: major discounts on eCornell courses.

Yeah, that's right. One of the biggest names in continuing education (and education period, really), is offering its entire online course catalog at incredibly affordable rates, exclusively for AAF members.

As the entire world has taken a step back to evaluate what's really important to each of us, one thing is clear: investing in yourself and your employees is just about the only competitive advantage there is. So get your learn on with this very cool member benefit, just for being part of AAF. And here's our District 4 DE&I Chair with why you should check these out:


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