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AAF District 4Cast, Episode 1 is out now

The inaugural episode of our District 4 podcast is out now, wherever you get your podcasts. AAF District 4Cast helps you keep a finger on the pulse of advertising with interviews featuring the industry luminaries, rule-breakers, students and leaders who shape our industry throughout Florida and the Caribbean.

Find AAF District 4Cast wherever you get your podcasts

Hosted by District 4 Governor, Jon Ruhff and Communications Co-Chair, Jacob Edenfield, this episode features Troy Dunn, owner of award-winning Tampa Ad Agency, Dunn & Co., District 4 American Advertising Awards Gala Chair, Yeosh Bendayan, and James Coccaro, the University of Miami student and member of UM's student consultancy, Orange Umbrella, who designed our podcast branding. This month, we've also got bonus content of District 4 Past Governor, Mike Weber sharing his insights for the upcoming Angel Awards.


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