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All About Convergent TV – October ADitude

The ecosystem is changing for TV, and the form is evolving with the times. At this month's ADitude, hear from an industry veteran in the convergent TV space at 9:00 a.m. on October 28th. RSVP on Facebook.

This month's speaker is David Clutter, VP Head of Demand at Beachfront. David will discuss how you can shape your advertising strategy around the blurring lines between cable, broadcast and connected TV.

About this Monthly ADitude

ADitude takes place at 9:00 a.m. the fourth Thursday of every month. It's free and open to AAF members and non-members.

This month, David Clutter with cover the rapid evolution of the TV media ecosystem and the changes in viewer habits. Consumption on connected TV (CTV) devices has grown significantly over the last year, while viewing through traditional cable and broadcast channels has remained steadfast amid accelerating rates of cord cutting. These shifting dynamics are causing the lines between traditional and streaming TV to blur faster than ever, giving rise to a new era of Convergent TV.

This in-depth overview and deep-dive into the world of Convergent TV will:

  • Provide an overview of Convergent TV

  • Examine the latest data and trends surrounding traditional and streaming TV

  • Detail what agencies and advertisers should know about Convergent TV advertising

  • Share best practices for Convergent TV ad buying

About the Speaker

David Clutter is a proven ad industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience leading strategic initiatives and partnerships for a diverse range of companies — from news publications and magazines to technology platforms and data providers. With an extensive background in advertising that dates back to his local hometown paper, Clutter has built his career researching and developing new markets, ideating with media buying clients to create new products, and delivering enterprise value for strategic partners.

In his current role with Beachfront as Vice President, Head of Demand, Clutter works closely with global holding companies, agencies, and brands, helping them to drive more effective, accountable advertising across the convergent TV landscape.

Prior to his time with Beachfront, Clutter served in similar roles at PlaceIQ, Mojiva (Acquired by Pubmatic), Specific Media (Viant), Wasserman Media Group, and Glam Media (Mode Media). A certified thalassophile, Clutter enjoys spending his free time on the beach with his family and friends.


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