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Sara Isaac, MSc

Marketing for Change / Principal + Director of Strategy and Planning

TOPIC: Using behavioral science to help voters overseas


Voting from abroad is complicated. When Marketing for Change (M4C) was hired in 2015 to support the Department of Defense’s Federal Voting Assistance Program, the agency quickly discovered that a communication strategy designed to help – by detailing all required steps for military members, their spouses and overseas citizens – was instead making many voters give up before they started. Voting also had been positioned as a duty, which felt like being asked to make yet another sacrifice. Join Director of Strategy + Planning Sara Isaac to learn how M4C used insights from behavioral science to turn voting from an overwhelming burden to something voters could skillfully and confidently do. Now heading into their fourth federal election cycle, M4C continues to use audience research and behavioral insights to drive a media strategy that navigates new rules for election information, while still drawing in the young military members who are least likely to vote.

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Olga Sinnreich

Made-up Gossip / Co-Founder

TOPIC: Promoting Sustainable Bath & Beauty Products


Personal care industry produces over 1Bn tons of plastic every year. Finding alternatives to single-use plastic packaging must be the priority for beauty companies. But how much do customers really care about recyclable packaging? This was an interesting discovery after we launched Made-up Gossip.

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John Lux 02.jpg

John Lux

Film Florida / Executive Director

TOPIC: The State of Filming in Florida


Film Florida Executive Director John Lux talks the highlights, challenges and opportunities for Florida’s Film, television, commercial and digital media production industry. John will explore the various aspects that go into growing and strengthening the industry in Florida such as locations, weather, infrastructure, experience, incentives and more as he talks about Film Florida’s role as a statewide not-for-profit in helping the current and next generation of Florida production industry professional.

Elizabeth Reyes, APR, CPRC

Visit Gainesville, Alachua County / Sales and Marketing Manager

TOPIC: What’s Good in Alachua County – Advertising and Marketing Strategies Highlighting the Community Partners, Assets and Events that Make for a Great Destination


Learn more about how Visit Gainesville, Alachua County, the destination marketing organization (DMO) for Alachua County, invests in community partners, and deploys strategies to drive visitation and positively impact the economy of Alachua County – enhancing and supporting the destination as a great place to live, work and play!

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