MONTHLY ADitude:  Innovation & Storytelling

This month, Ketchum, EVP Marketing & Communications, Jo (Peswani) Madnani will talk about how Innovation to some is the lifeblood of evolution, and to some, it’s a vague concept at best. If you think about it in simple terms, it’s really just doing things differently. Playbooks and philosophies aside, I believe creativity thrives at the intersection of innovation and storytelling. That’s the story for today.

This month's ADitude takes place on Tuesday, September 27 from 9:00-10:00 a.m. Reserve your spot for free on Zoom

About our Speaker

Jo has the mind of a strategist and the heart of a storyteller. In her 20-year-old career trajectory in the advertising, PR, and marcomms world, Jo has worked with global brands and agencies across many industries from Consumer, Healthcare, and Pharma to Fashion. She thrives on connecting the dots between the “why” and the all-important ROI. Jo believes in delivering results in style. Literally. Her side passion is fashion writing. Most recently, she’s joining us from Ketchum NYC where her day job is being EVP, Marketing & Communications. But her most important gig to date is being a mom of two and a student of life.

About Monthly ADitude

Our ongoing speaker series takes place every fourth Tuesday to bring you some of the most interesting voices in advertising and marketing as part of your AAF membership. Start your day with us for a monthly dose of new perspectives from across our AAF district.